Welcome to Downey California

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  2. May 26, 2013 10:31 pm

Welcome to Downey California

An Introduction to Downey, California

With a population around 112,000 and an optimal Los Angeles County location, Downey is situated for success. It’s an outstanding place to live and work as well as offering plenty of attractions for visitors.

People have inhabited the Downey area hundreds of years. The Tongva people lived here long before Spanish explorers arrived to establish missions in the late 18th century. The Irish, Mexican, Spanish and more all established homesteads here, and many quickly began cultivating oranges. Flourishing agricultural interests caused the pioneer settlement to expand, but incorporation didn’t come until 1956. Suburbs and factories began replacing farming interests in Downey. The emphasis on high tech engineering in the region made Downey the birthplace of the Apollo space program.

Today, the NASA facilities are no longer in operation, but visitors still flock to the fascinating Columbia Memorial Space Center to view Space Shuttle and other related exhibits. The city also boasts several excellent parks that are perfect for picnicking and playing a game of catch. Ball fields and an aquatics center are also popular attractions. A weekly farmers market attracts people from all over the region. People also come to Downey for the excellent shopping at malls like Stonewood Center and Downey Landing Center. A newly refurbished downtown district offers endless dining and entertainment opportunities as well as shopping at one-of-a-kind boutiques. Don’t forget to visit the remarkable Krikorian Theatre Complex with its 10 screens and state-of-the-art projection facilities.

The arts also thrive in Downey. Ballet, live music performances and several theater troupes ensure that Downey is a city that nurtures its cultural side. The city is also recognized as a wonderful place to experience diverse dining. With American, Peruvian, Thai and more cuisine on the menu, there’s always something intriguing to explore in Downey.

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